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Thankful for Surprised Amazement

Thankful 2013-Day 21: After reading my new One Thousand Gifts Devotional today I am thankful for surprised amazement that God gives me in the midst of my grief in the loss of our son, Taylor. In this Ann Voskamp reminds us that “expectations kill relationships – especially with God” and she repented from “entitlement that steals joy.”

I expected all my children to live long lives and outlive me, but as I sit back and keep my eyes open, waiting for faithful kisses from God without expectations or entitlement, He consistently surprises me with moments of joy.

A moment last Friday where a young student gave me a stuffed Snoopy dog as a gift she had been holding onto for me for over two years. She knew Peanuts is a favorite of mine, but she didn’t know they were Taylor’s favorites too. In the last two weeks, I had been praying about having something for us to hold in all our family pictures to remember Taylor.

Snoopy was the answer to my prayer and if this little girl had remembered to bring Snoopy a few years ago, it would not have meant so much to me. God’s reminder to her last week was a kiss of joy for me that I needed this week. Once again, I’m surprised and amazed at His desire to touch me in a special way in His perfect timing.

Eucharisteo always precedes a miracle!” (Voskamp)Image

1 thought on “Thankful for Surprised Amazement”

  1. In my Monday night bible study we just finished watching the videos the author made about her book One Thousand Gifts. We also starting our own journals of gifts and things we are thankful for. Taylor and I didn’t hang out very much but I think about him and your family a lot and pray for you all. One of the lessons that spoke to my heart connecting to you and your family was on the attitude of gratitude. I beyond admire you and your strength through everything you have endured. To be thankful in the hard and painful times and not closing your heart to God is a hard concept for me to grasp. My grandmother lost her second child when he was 16 and I have always admired her for her passion, love and faith in God and the things he does in our lives; you remind me a lot of my granny.
    Chronicles 20:12-22 was a passage we looked at for this lesson along with Pslam 34:15-19. I’ve wanted to tell you that I pray for your family but I’ve never had the courage too. After seeing that you finished One Thousand Gifts God spoke to me and said this was my chance. It is so hard to express eucharisteo thankfulness when we are going through times of pain, struggle and darkness, and honestly I don’t know how you do it, but you are such an encouragement to me and I know many others. God is and will always be with you and your family and we can see that through the many blessings (like Snoopy) that he puts before you guys each and every day!

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