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Proud of My Students – Thankful I Could Be a Part of Such an Amazing Project

Over the last 10 years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with the very humble and talented Dove Award Winning couple, Frank and Betsy Hernandez.

(See their website for the many albums and stories you, your children and siblings have probably heard throughout the last 30 years). His and Hernandez Music


Many of my students have been asked to sing on their albums over the years. The latest project they worked on is probably one of their very best: New City Catechism from Timothy Keller’s Gospel Coalition, which includes 52 songs, one for each point in the Catechism. Each song is catchy, worshipful and up to date for today’s children. The greatest deal is that THEY ARE FREE! You can download them and the music for your family, school or church. Final Installment: Songs from the New City Catechism

I was blessed to be asked to help with vocal production during the last recording sessions and had the time of my life. I am listed in the credits but didn’t deserve it 😊. It was just a ton of fun. My very patient students and I learned a lot about how albums are made. The  time it takes to record just one line, over and over, will make you appreciate recorded music every time you listen! The album I worked on is Songs from the New City Catechism 4

Frank and Betsy and I are collaborating on our Christmas program this year as we are each doing our own version of the same musical, sharing a stage and ideas. Thank you, Betsy and Frank, for blessing me and our students and for allowing this amateur to be a part of God working through your gifts and lives!

Full New City Catechism information: The New City Catechism


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